My name is Wali Khan (also known as “@wali_khann” via Instagram).

I am a trauma nurse at a Level 1 trauma center in #Chicago

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This is Arianna. The 9 year old cousin of someone who received care at our institution. She and her family found out about me being a "famous nurse" (yeah.. idk about all that😅!) This little girl was so inspired by me, she asked to take a picture with me! (Her grandfather took this of us) She then went on to put on PPE and dressed up as a nurse because she now wants to be one when she is older. Ready for the best part that damn near made me cry?She made me autograph a surgical mask for her (swipe screen to see it 😁😁). Friends, this is why you do it. The satisfaction, the reward, the fulfillment that NO amount of money or fame can achieve. This is a by product of your hard work, your consistency, your never ending will. And God knows what is in your heart. Praise God for what He allows people to see in us despite our shortcomings and flaws. God bless Ariana and her family! Please pray for them.


I remember graduating nursing school some odd years ago and feeling I learned nothing because I never started an #IV all throughout clincals! ( ..because that was a realistic measure of knowledge and skill 🙄) I remember getting my first job and feeling slightly embarrassed because of how I struggled at basic skills that it seemed everyone was naturally good at. Fast forward a few difficult years and look where we are. Alhamdulilah. Starting ultrasound guided IVs on critically ill patients! What a blessing and amazing feeling to learn and watch your own growth! I love the direction that the field of nursing is headed. I love the cohesiveness of the interdisciplinary team. I love that when we are placed in an environment that is not only supportive but encouraging of personal growth..we flourish in ways we ourselves never imagined. Just as you can't force "healing" ..medicinal or personal, dont try to expedite your growth in an unnatural manner. Just as starting that "IV" requires #patience, precision, and a calm mind, so does your growth. If you force it, you'll only question your own capabilities. Give yourself time to grow. 

“I don’t dread going to work. I don’t work merely for a paycheck. I don’t wait for the weekend so I don’t have to be at “work” anymore. I don’t sing the TGIF song. Granted, my soul needs a break from that which I see and do. But I don’t go to ‘work’. Rather, I feed my passion. My friends, live your life from your heart. Share from your heart. And your story will touch and heal people’s souls.”


If you're a student now or have been at one point or another in your life.. you can relate to this next sentiment. Remember those long nights of hardcore cramming, hours upon hours of studying, ounces or perhaps liters of coffee ingestion.. only to suddenly realize and laugh uncontrollably at how you're screwed and are probably gonna bomb the exam tomorrow! Yep. I know I most certainly have, more times than I can recall! We've ALL been there. But don't you dare quit. None of your efforts are in vain. That much I can promise you. Remain resilient and steadfast, come time all your diligence will pay great dividends.

“Fall in love with your solitude. You’ll find growth there.”

Each day as I walk through the doors of my hospital, I make the intention to learn something new. Something that will better me as human being and a care giver. Anything to make me reflect on my life, my faith, my unmeasurable blessings of health, the people in my life and so forth.

Just recently through an encounter with a patient, I was reminded of how difficult it is to let go and say goodbye, but ultimately it may be for the best. It's difficult to let go of things that we've come to love, people we cherished and relied upon, things that made us feel complete at one time, but now we must bid farewell. Its a cycle of life. Nothing is forever, nothing is permanent.

A patient had developed an infection in his foot, due to additional complications it spread to the entire leg and eventually to both legs. Despite rigorous antibiotic therapy and wound care, a bilateral amputation was the only option he had left or the infection would ultimately spread to his body and kill him. I observed silently as he sat with eyes full of tears, unable to comprehend what was happening. Unable to decide if he could ever say good bye to all that he had ever known. And he was right for what he felt. It is so hard to say good bye. To let go. To that which was a part of you, which gave you comfort and support. To that which you cant imagine living life without. But in retrospect, letting go isn't such a bad thing. For a new self to be born, hardship is necessary. Just as clay needs to go through intense heat to become solidified and appreciated for what it can be. Nothing is without divine wisdom. We just have to believe that.

Having a comprehensive understanding of the faith and true reliance on God gives you the ability to be in the midst of disappointment, rejection, pain, loss and still say: God's plan is surely better for me, even if I don’t yet understand.


“You can’t hold people responsible for your shortcomings. For your failure to accomplish YOUR goals, your visions, your aspirations..that you set for yourself. The accountability is yours to share alone.”

When your patient has every contagious disease/organism known to man and then some.. and so you put on every piece of PPE available on the unit.. cuz aint nobody tryna bring home Ebola.✌🏽.


Being an acrobat should be a part of my job description.. no joke. One second you're mass transfusing blood products into a patient, next minute you're sprinting to CT or MRI.. and before you've caught your wind.. its up to the trauma operating rooms for emergent surgery .. all before the sun comes up! Love the #nightshift. Friday night. #Chicago#trauma .. lets go!