My name is Victoria Lu (also known as “VictoriaaLuu” via Instagram). 

I'm a second year medical student. I was first inspired to deliver health and well-being to others in high school after attending a community service event that provided food for the homeless. 


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I've been dreaming about this day for 6 years & can't believe I finally donned my first white coat today. Couldn't have gotten here without the love & support of my parents 💕 I'm so grateful for the opportunity to learn & grow as a student physician. •🌟• Happy White Coat Ceremony to the Class of 2020! •🌟• "Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always." -Hippocrates

“ I have truly learned more in the past year than I could possibly imagine. But with all the exciting things I’ve accomplished, I couldn’t have done any of it without the support of my friends, family, & all of you.”


I secretly wanted to break my arm in middle school so I could wear a sweet cast and have all my friends sign it 😂 Thank goodness I've never broken anything though (knock on wood). I could barely keep this splint on for more than 20 minutes. Shoutout to @smazz9 for perfectly splinting my fake 5th metacarpal fracture! 

“I’m so grateful to be studying medicine & for the opportunity to one day become a physician. If something can be easy yet brutally hard, fun & exciting yet excruciatingly exhausting, & never-ending yet fleeting all at the same time, then that’s what first year was.”

A year later, my uncle died of lung cancer and it was then that I realized I could deliver health and well-being to others by pursuing a career in medicine. I received my B.S. in Chemistry in 2014 and subsequently spent two gap years working in a NYC hospital as a Quality Improvement Project Manager. 

I spent the entire morning studying in the anatomy lab & still feel like I know nothing. Other students were spewing out facts so quickly that it was kind of intimidating & overwhelming. Soooo now I'm having a slight panic attack considering my first practical and comprehensive exam are next week. Whoever said going to med school is like trying to drink water from a fire hydrant was 100% accurate. Spending the rest of the day trying to get this stuff to stick.

“Pursuing a career in medicine has been a lifelong goal of mine. I applied to medical school as a senior in college and was initially waitlisted to two schools. Ultimately, I did not get in and was devastated. I was forced to re-evaluate my post grad plans and worked in a hospital as a project manager for two years. After building up my resume and applying again, I had a very successful application cycle and was accepted to multiple schools. Now as a second year medical student, my biggest challenge is maintaining balance between school, self-care, and personal relationships.”

“...Every medical student suffers from imposter syndrome, & every one of those students is wrong. We were chosen out of thousands of applicants to sit in these seats for a reason. We ARE good enough. Medical school is NOT easy & there are times when it feels like you’re drowning. But it’s during those times that you need to take a step back from everything, breathe deeply, & just keep swimming. .”

My apartment is an absolute mess, I don't have any clean socks, & my fridge is completely empty, but I'm officially done with my first semester of med school 😜🎉 In the past 5 months I've learned more than I could possibly imagine. I learned how to take a detailed patient history & perform various physical exams. I dissected a heart, a lung, & every other part of the human body all the while gaining a new appreciation for this thing we call life. I learned so much anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, neuroscience & God knows what else that I think my brain might actually explode. But most importantly of all, I learned that I have so much more to learn. That being here is a privilege. That one day I'm going to be taking care of real people & what I do or fail to do now will impact my future patients. So cheers to messy apartments, dirty laundry, empty fridges, & countless nights spent in silent study. It'll all be worth it in the end ✨