My name is Tiffany Sinclair (also known as “@tiffanyjoy8” via Instagram). 

I am a third-year medical student, with an aspiration to go into General Surgery. I was born in Chicago an raised in Minnesota, where I attended Crown College and earned my B.S. in biology with an emphasis in health.


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Growing up, never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be wearing a white coat. While I loved the thought of saving lives, I hated science. One professor in undergrad changed that; I fell in love with the biomechanics of the human body in his class and began to pursue physical therapy or athletic training. Soon, I discovered that my dream was to help the ill and injured, the ones who desperately need the care of a physician. I realized that sports medicine alone would not fulfill that dream, and thus, I began my long journey to becoming a physician. Now, I look forward to the day I can wear my long white coat and give my patients the holistic care they need.

“Wearing a white coat is a privilege! When you wear it, patients see you as one of their healers. They trust you with the most precious information and darkest secrets. This truly is a beautiful profession. The journey is hard and long, but oh, it is so rewarding.”


Conference workshops are one of my favorite ways to learn! Not long after doing this splinting lab at a surgery conference, I helped a resident splint an ankle when I was rotating at the emergency room. I'm so excited to start my clinical rotations full time this week!

“My favorite thing about being a medical student is that I have a special role in patient care. While the attendings and residents have paperwork and decisions to deal with, my job is to connect with and really know my patients. I truly love meeting new people and hearing their stories.”

When I'm not at the hospital or studying, you can find me at the beach, watching hockey or football, cooking or at the gym! 

Currently daydreaming of the day I'll finally be Dr. Sinclair. But first, let me get through this finals week.

Having decided very late in the game to go to medical school, I took a gap year to take the MCAT and a couple more prerequisites. I worked as a server and volunteered at a hospital during this time! I LOVED being a server, and the people skills and work ethic I developed have turned out to be invaluable!

I've always wanted to live in Florida, so when I was accepted to NSUCOM I was thrilled! I'm officially done with my didactic years of medical school and my first set of boards. Currently, I am loving my third year of medical school, which is my first year of clinical rotations. 

I am loving all of my clinical rotations so far, which is making it hard to decide what field I love the most!

Today, I finished my very first rotation of medical school! I had the BEST attending physician- he and his staff made me feel so welcome. I thought I wasn't going to like my family medicine rotation at all, but they really made me love my time!

Starting MONDAY, I am on general surgery for the next month. I'm so excited for the change of pace and to be in the OR. Special shoutout to my homies @barco.uniformsfor making sure I am all set to be comfy on long days at the hospital! Grey's Anatomy scrubs were the first pair of scrubs I ever purchased, and they truly have yet to disappoint me. Super excited to try out the collab with @softwalk and have happy feet in the OR!

Didactic years, for me, were incredibly challenging because of how much studying I had to do compared to how little patient interaction and hands-on skills there were. Days when I could cut cadavers, learn procedures, or practice my suture techniques were always my favorites.  


On my first week of surgery clerkship, I was super lost and didn't know anyone. Right when we met, the OR charge nurse and I clicked, and she made me feel welcome to the team. We stayed through crazy late nights of cases together and she always has been there for me when I have questions or frustrations in learning the ways of the OR. I can't thank her enough for making me feel welcome! I'm so excited we can twin in our C3 scrubs for my last week in surgery, and I sure will miss this sweet nurse!

“Becoming a physician is one of the most difficult career paths anyone can take, but it by far is the most rewarding. Patients confide in you their deepest darkest secrets and hold you with the utmost respect in hopes you can heal them. It makes the endless hours of studying worth it.”

Tomorrow is the first day of my third year of medical school. I am SO SO excited to be done with classes and nonstop studying and finally working with patients! I love meeting new people and hearing their stories, so I am eager to start at a hospital I've never been at and see new faces.