My name is Dr. Shaliz Pourkaviani (also known as “@doc_by_day” via Instagram). 

I am a Pediatrician who is currently in fellowship to become a Neonatal Intensivist (aka NICU Doctor).


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The Doctor Behind The Doctor (PhD 📚 to MD) My Father Has Always Taught Me to Push Myself and Explore Beyond My Dreams ✨When Times Would Get Tough he would be there to remind me that life is Peachy 😊There is a Rainbow on the Other Side of this Uphill Battle 🌈One of his favorite sayings is that if it was easy being a doctor everyone would do it....I'm not sure if I 100% agree with that but it does prove that it's a strenuous path made for those who are dedicated and fearless at times 🏥This Support Has helped get me through college, medical school, residency and now fellowship (currently year #8 after college) 👍On dozens of occasions along the way I remember crying and breaking down and wanting to call my father for his advice and wisdom 📞He would pick me up like no one else could 😭 Days Like Father's Day Remind Me to Celebrate My Role Models and those who have shaped me ❤️I Love You Babba Joon and Forever I Will Be Grateful 😘 #HappyFathersDay


Feeling Like a Rock Star🗿⭐️Love the NICU 👣Great Day/Night of Intubating and Saving Babies👩🏻‍⚕️My Hours are Long and Pressure is Always On 🏥No Greater Felling than Knowing You Have Helped Bring Families One Step Closer to Taking their Precious Little Ones Home 🏡 

“There are Always Flowers For Those Who Want To See Them” ~Henri Matisse, French Artist

”We have all worked hard to get to where we are today. Some of us feel like we have made it and others are on their journey there.

No Mater What Happens I Always Say Life is Not a Race we are here following our own track and making the most of it. Keep your eyes on your goal but stop to smell the flowers and enjoy the journey along the way.”


Great Way to Reach Your Goals is to Start Off By Envisioning Them! Have a Clear Focus and The Path Will Open Up Greater Your Chances of Success by Truly Believing in Your Dreams 💫I knew from a very young age I wanted to be a doctor. There were my fair share of mountains and valleys to cross but I have always kept my eyes on this dream 🌈 I remind myself of the younger version of me when times get tough to help lift me and put everything into perspective#AnythingisPossible 

“We work so hard and jump so many hurdles to get to where we are sometimes we forget how lucky we are to be able to work so much and give back. I absolutely love what I do. If I could go back I would do it all the same but I would tell my medical student self not to stress so much and things will all work out.

Since I can’t time travel I would like to share the joy and reassure all of you:
Work Hard, Enjoy the Process, and Relax. Hard Work Will Pay Off!”


Safety First 😷 My Co-Fellow and I Doing Our Annual Mask Fit Testing 🏥 Why Not Have Fun While Checking Things Off Your To-Do List?!

What Drives Me? What Keeps Me Going: I Keep My Eye on the Target but Also Enjoy the Process 🎯I am often asked by many of my friends and colleagues how I have so much Energy?!? ⚡️Simple Answers: I Love What I Do and Do What Feels Right 👣Gain Energy From Knowing You Made a Positive Difference 👍Change a Life - Connect with Another Person : Make Someone's Day Brighter ☀️You Will Achieve More with a Kind Soul  ❤️

“Working Hard to Achieve My Doctor Goals!
So happy to be here to support families in good times and challenging times.”

Back to the Basics 📚It's Monday 📅 Time to Hit the Ground Running 🤓Always a Good Idea to Review the Groundwork 👍Our Brains are so Powerful but need Refreshers and Solid Foundation to Grow From 🌿Don't Be Embarrassed to Ask Questions and Explore for Answers.