#allheartSquad and #RealCaregivers take on #allheartExclusive #C3Scrubs

Stay cool, comfy and classy thanks to flattering silhouettes, sporty design elements and sleek COOLMAX® moisture-wicking fabric.

“I’m all about my “athleisure” apparel. To me, C3 is great because I feel like I’m wearing my favorite activewear while I’m at the hospital. Some scrubs are restricting in my movements, C3 lets me bend down, reach up, and move around all while feeling super comfortable!”
— #allheartSquad member third-year medical student Tiffany Sinclair (@TiffanyJoy8)


Our #allheartSquad members @tiffanyjoy8 and @bondkitkat finally met in Tampa this weekend to take exclusive photos for #C3Scrubs. We are really excited to see the pictures! Stay tuned for giveaways. <3

#allheartSquad member @tiffanyjoy8 is wearing her new #allheartExclusive #C3Scrubs in color Wine and @bondkitkat is wearing her scrubs in Royal Blue.


CLICK TO WATCH: #allheartSquad member @bondkitkat ran 5K in her new Ceil Blue #C3Scrubs.


#🎥 lights, camera, action • Having a blast in (sunny!) Dallas today -- on set with @allheartscrubs promoting their sporty new C3 line 👍🏼

CLICK TO WATCH: #allheartSquad members @bondkitkat and @dynamic_do flew to Dallas to model for  #C3Scrubs. Tune in to hear what they had to say about our new scrub line.

Check out behind the scenes (IG stories) of our #C3Scrubs photoshoot in Dallas with  #allheartSquad @dynamic_do and @bondkitkat.

Of all the stages of my life that I miss, being a national soccer player tops my list. After 18 years invested in being an athlete, one of the things that still remains, is my need for comfort. After being on the grand stadium, and always in the limelight, as much as I desire comfort, I also require appeal.

C3s have given me the best of both worlds — they are as comfortable as my athletic clothing, but they also stand out in a hospital filled with scrubs. On my first day of placement at my current hospital, one of the nurses said that I look more like a model than a doctor — well, I was wearing my C3s and I’m entirely proud.

The anesthesiologist said that he liked my outfit, but it would be best to change into scrubs — I said: “these are my scrubs.” C3s have been breaking all mundane stereotypes that are associated with scrubs since Day 1 ... or at least, since “my Day 1” at this hospital!
— #allheartSquad member third-year medical student Olivia (@Dr.Livv)

I've been accepted into 2 research positions. Neuroscience and psychology studies 🤓📚 #allheart#allheartsquad


In the medical field, your work is not graded by praises that are exalted from rooftops, but by the smiles, whispered "thank yous," and the warmth of the souls and families that you are able to touch🤗

I was inspired by meeting and providing care for this strong mama and her two princesses.


#allheartSquad member @dr.livv and @bondkitkat are wearing #C3Scrubs in color Black.

“Everyday wear scrubs that can literally be used by anybody in the medical field. Super breathable fabric, comfortable, flexible and perfect for everyday scrubs.

The fit is slimming and figure flattering along with fine tuned detail that gives the scrubs style and uniqueness. Texture on the back of the scrub top is definitely my favorite and the material is super durable, I love my C3 scrubs.”
— #allheartSquad member nursing student Alex Falco (@alexx_xox)

#allheartSquad member @karlaaaxoxo, @dynamic_do@bondkitkat and @_dorothyfaye are wearing #C3Scrubs in color Ceil Blue.


The only scrubs I have are either from Cherokee (had them since HS!) or C3 and LEMME TELL YOU. They are NOT kidding about being moisture-wicking because when I walked to my car from Chick-fil-a I got soaked but 3 min later my scrubs were completely dry!! So for those still working or shadowing during Harvey I pray for your safety and dryness in #c3scrubs 💕💕

When your scrub game is gonna be on point thanks to @allheartscrubs - not yet wearing scrubs for rotations since I'm in FM, and mostly in the clinic but I'll surely be wearing these C3 scrubs when I get the chance 😍


#Dopamine📚 - One of my favorite aspects of psychology is the fact that it's trial and error. Every case is somewhat individual, therefore drugs that might work with one person may not work with others. Just another example of how complex and unique we are." @bondkitkat 🤓❤️ 

Thanks to @bondkitkatfor picking me to win her @allheartscrubsgiveaway!!! These #C3scrubs are so comfy that I don't want to take them off (even though they smell like formaldehyde) And they almost match my umbrella and this tree!! Can't wait to get more!

“C3 gives you great quality and style for a student budget. There is enough pockets everywhere to give you the ability to wear your scrub top tucked in or out. Plus the waist band is attractive and I always get compliments.”
— #allheartSquad member medical student Kateryna Bondarenko (@Bondkitkat)

CLICK TO WATCH:   #RealCaregiver and #allheartSquad member @alexx_xox is reviewing her #C3Scrubs in color Royal.


I'm stocking up on my scrubs collection since I'll be starting my first RN job 💉 in a few weeks! @Allheartscrubs sent me these super COOL ❄️ (no pun intended) scrubs that are my FAVORITE! They're C3 scrubs--cool, comfy, and classy! They're gonna keep me fresh through my long 12 hour shifts! My favorite part of these scrubs are the athletic vibe and the elastic band (to increase my running flexibility when I hear a bed alarm go off 😂😫🏃🏾)


Best words I've ever gotten: choose your battles wisely. Everything in life is a battle. How you choose to stand will define you for yourself and others. 
Not everyone will make the same choices as you, that's what makes us so unique and individual. Opinions may change but relationships maybe ruined forever. Not everyone you meet will like you, therefore lighten up and enjoy yourself.


On my first week of surgery clerkship, I was super lost and didn't know anyone. Right when we met, the OR charge nurse and I clicked, and she made me feel welcome to the team. We stayed through crazy late nights of cases together and she always has been there for me when I have questions or frustrations in learning the ways of the OR. I can't thank her enough for making me feel welcome! I'm so excited we can twin in our C3 scrubs for my last week in surgery, and I sure will miss this sweet nurse!

CLICK TO WATCH: #allheartSquad member @_dorothyfaye is feeling "super comfy" in her new #C3Scrubs in color Ceil Blue.

“I’m always in search for the perfect scrubs and I’m so glad I came across C3. My favorite thing about them is the waistband because I always find that the typical waistband for scrubs are the ones that you have to tie really tight for them to stay on.

The waistband on the C3’s are secure and I have the option of tightening them with the additional drawstring. Also, I love that it comes in multiple colors so you never get bored with your scrubs - oh, and the pockets.
There’s lots of pockets!”
— #allheartSquad member third-year medical student Dorothy Faye (@_dorothyfaye)

  #RealCaregiver and #allheartSquad member@draunna is wearing #C3Scrubs in color True Navy.