#allheartSquad member @_dorothyfaye is featuring her new @3mlittmann Cardiology IV™ 27" Stethoscope / Black Tube in Champagne Finish.

“The previous Littman I got is still going strong, but I’m glad that I’m able to try out the cardiology IV! My favorite part about it is the champagne finish and although it’s a tool, the stethoscope can definitely be a statement piece too! This color goes with every outfit! And you can never go wrong with a Littman!”
— #allheartSquad member third-year medical student Dorothy Faye (@_dorothyfaye)

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Who can say no to a Littmann?😉

That mirror finish tho. 👌🏼 Thanks so much @allheartscrubs for my new @3mlittmann #CardiologyIV #stethoscope! 👩🏻‍⚕️🖤 #RNlife

#RealCaregiver @merelycash is featuring her new @3mlittmann Cardiology IV™ 27" Stethoscope / Black Tube in Mirror Finish.

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@3mlittmann I am beyond proud to own the new Champagne finished Cardiology IV stethoscope. Not only is Littmann the leading name is stethoscopes, and available for purchase through @allheartscrubs, but they designed a stethoscope that matches my taste for yellow-gold jewelry 😍😍 it's definitely my most sleek, practical, and prized accessory/neckwear.

#allheartSquad member @dr.livv is featuring her new @3mlittmann Cardiology IV™ 27" Stethoscope / Black Tube in Champagne Finish.



Our #allheartSquad members @tiffanyjoy8and @bondkitkat finally met in Tampa this weekend to take exclusive photos for #C3Scrubs. We are really excited to see the pictures! Stay tuned for giveaways. <3


I currently have an all-black @3mlittmann 
stethoscope, but to celebrate reaching the dream I had since I was 4 years old to be a Family Doctor (GP), I will be buying myself a new one. I'm thinking of gold or they do a champagne finish with a black tubing. I know it's a bit attention seeking, but honestly this will be the greatest achievement of my life in a few months. Literally all my life has been heading in the hope of reaching this moment and I need to make sure when it happens, I truly truly enjoy and celebrate it.


Give It Your All 👍Put Your Heart into Everything You Do ❤️Do the things you love and explore new skills and talents 😄 When You Do Things You Love Not Only Will You Be Happier You Will Also Delivery Better Results 🙌


Do what you #love, and you will never have to work a day. 🏥❤️✨ @draunna is wearing @3mlittmann and @allheartscrubs line. ✌🏽#AllHeartSquad

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is: 'What are you doing for others?" -Dr. Martin Luther King

My @3mlittmann stethoscope hasn't been touched since I started in surgery, and I kind of miss it!
. . .
My days are long (not my most favorite thing), but I'm still loving my surgery clerkship so much! I have the greatest attending who is teaching me so much. So thankful to have had great rotations so far.
. . .
Still obsessed with my #ascent underscrub from @allheartscrubs- it's so incredibly soft! (And it makes my blue eyes pop!) 

✨Have a wonderful weekend everyone!✨
Doctor's orders 😷😜💚🙏🏻☀️
Stethoscope from @allheartscrubs 💚💚💚🙏🏻


My Classic III @3mlittmannwith my name engraved on it and Ascent scrubs from @allheartscrubs has arrived!! 😍 I've never owned a #Littmann because I could never afford it so I finally saved up & splurged since I'm starting nursing core in a couple of months! I'm super excited to put this to good use!" ❤️🏥✨👩🏻‍⚕️

When you look like a tired hot mess but it's ok because @allheartscrubssent you a @3mlittmann #stethoscopethank you so much allheart! I can't be more thankful. So I have a traditional black with smoke finish littmann, but I really wanted a fun color. What's your guys' favorite stethoscope color??

#RealCaregiver and #allheartSquad member @alexx_xox is featuring her new @3mlittmann 3M Littmann Classic III™ 27" Stethoscope / Turquoise Tube.

“A closer look at my new “baby”. Speaking of babies, this post here is for my mum. My mum always says to me I’m “lucky 13”. The funny thing is she doesn’t realise how lucky we are. My dad, brother and I know we are 3 of the luckiest men to have ever lived. She is beyond incredible. Beyond a Wonder Woman.

My achievement here, is her achievement. All those times, those sacrifices. It wasn’t just me studying all those years. She was there beside me: sitting, staying up with me, waking me up. She has always, always been there for the three of us.
The song playing “All you have to do is dream” , is the song she used to sing to me as she held me and rocked me when I was a baby, to help me sleep.
She was so, so right.

All you have to do is Dream #lucky13”
— Family Medicine (GP) Dr Dasilva (@doctordasilva13)

Finally dropped by HR today to get my badge updated with my new title. 👩🏻‍⚕️ #thankful

CLICK TO WATCH: #allheartScholarship Grand Prize Winner, #RealCaregiver, and Breast Cancer survivor pre-med Brianna Armour (@saggoddess) has an important message to share. @3mlittmann generously surprised Brianna with her first time #Littmann, the Cardiology IV™ 27" Stethoscope / Black Tube in Champagne Finish.

#allheartSquad: @alexx_xox

I remember receiving my first Littmann like it was yesterday. Being a mom, I share my excitement for new things with my boys and we all sat on the floor opening up this box from Allheart. Both Johnny and Michael took a turn listening to my heartbeat. When it was Michael's turn he looked up and with eyes shining in amusement he yelled "mommy, I can hear your heartbeat" and after a few more seconds of auscultating my heart, he looked up in pure joy and said, "mommy, I wanna be a doctor." I would love to see my sons grow up and become apart of the medical field and be able to be blessed with a Littmann of their very own. I would love to be a family with generations of Littmann users.

A doctor exhibits their wisdom, not only by listening to the rhythmic beat of the heart, but in hearing the souls of their patients that expands far beyond what's audible by the ears... BUT for everything that can be auscultated, there's the Littmann Cardiology IV! The champagne finish makes a gold-lovin' girl ecstatic! 
For everyone heading #BackToSchool head over to as today is the final day of the Littmann sale!🤗 #AllHeartSquad #Squadgoals #littmann

So grateful for this generous/beautiful gift from @allheartscrubs: A Littman stethoscope- Black with Champagne finish (I feel like that could be a song title/lyric of some sort LOL.) I especially love the note that came with it. It says to:
✨🔥"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire." 🔥✨


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Great Coming Home Post-Call to this Present 🏥   "Not all super heroes wear capes....some wear                                     scrubs and a lab coat- with a Littman" stethoscope 👩🏻‍⚕️👣 @allheartscrubs #ThankYou #LittmanLife        #AllHeartSquad #Great #Surprise

The first #stethoscope is a rite of passage. From student to practitioner. It has immeasurable value. For me, it represented overcoming my personal trials and all the odds that were stacked against me to pass boards and finally practice. Not to mention the grueling task of finding employment as a new graduate when every employer demanded experience(that logic literally makes zero sense). But alas, we made it..#Alhamdulilah! How about you, can you relate? #riseabove #realnursetalk

scrubs: @cherokeeuniforms Men's Infinity line

hope everyone has a great rest of the night...this mama's off to work. ✌🏼👩🏻‍⚕️ #12hourshift #nightshift #rnlife