Introducing #allheartSquad: @bondkitkat

My name is Kateryna Bondarenko (also known as “bondkitkat” via Instagram). 

I will be graduating with my B.S. in biology and psychology in spring 2018. I would like to become a Doctor in surgery or gynecology.


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Probably the last post I'll do about my trip to Cuenca, Spain.

Final thoughts:

As much as I enjoyed Cuenca, Spain as a tourist/visitor, talking about my medical experience there has been difficult. 
Being around Doctors instead of my daily routine with Nurses, Technologist, and patients gave me a new perspective on my life. As much as I enjoy comforting and working with patients as a CNA, I'm coming to work with a heavy heart. Instead of being in the OR, I'm prepping patients into the OR. It's a bittersweet feeling. And I won't be settling into it.

“The journey to become a doctor is not easy and has multiple two way roads. “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick (Mark 2:17).”


Heading to Moscow 🇷🇺 in a few weeks for a short medical trip. Excited for this amazing opportunity and being able to shadow with some of the top doctors in Moscow City. *White Coat @allheartscrubs ❤️ 


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At the age of 5, my family and I immigrated to America. My parents believed that America was a place where their children would have more opportunities. Everyone in my family has degrees and a passion for their work, I always wanted a job I would love.

The medical field is my fascination and motivation. During my pre-med education, I became a Certified Nursing Assistant to better understand what kind of care is behind a doctor's order. I am able to gain interpersonal skills, as well as a medical view point from the bottom-up. The journey to become a doctor is not easy and has multiple two way roads.   


I'll be volunteering next week with the Multicultural Integrated Kidney Education Program (MIKE)
To teach and inspire youth about the medical field. I'll be traveling to 2 different locations and teaching 6 blood pressure clinics. 
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