My name is Jennaire Lewars (also known as “Dr. Jaii” via Instagram). 

I am a third-year medical student, with an aspiration to specialize in Cardiology/Cardiothoracic surgery.

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With my Mom @shesfirstclass as she sports the new #C3scrubs I got her from @allheartscrubs !!🔹🔹 -- Mom and son health care tag-team! Fortunate to be following in her footsteps to success, all starting with the summer day 11 years ago, that she handed me her pathology then told me to learn and love my favourite organ system #cardiology. Hope to continue making her proud🙏🏽.

“My goal is to be equipped with the knowledge, determination along with a great deal of faith required to give my patients a beacon of hope, an opportunity to enhance their quality of life, and to grant them another day to go home to their families.”


Today I want to wish not only my Dad a splendid and happy Fathers's Day, but also to all the fathers out there, to all the males that have accepted their responsibility of fatherhood, the males that recognize that fatherhood is not an OPTION, to those that are strong male figures in a child's life, the Supermen that complement their Superwomen in their journey through parenthood. With that said I'm blessed and thankful to have the privilege to wish my Dad a Happy Father's Day. Thank you for always being a strong presence, for raising me up to being the man that I am, thank you for teaching me to be resilient and for motivating me to push forward. Thank you for giving me an image to mirror in looking after my own family. Thank you for being a father to many, there are so many souls that you have touched, that regard you as a father figure and you have shaped their lives for the good. Thank you for working tirelessly and sacrificing everything that is you just so my siblings and I could have a better future. 

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” - Steve Jobs

An interesting fact about me, if I didn’t choose to go to medical school, I would have decided to become a professional soccer player!

Which is also interesting because the love of my life Zovel Hyre (@dr.livv) was actually the captain of the National Jamaican Women’s Soccer team before she started medical school herself—and we both wore the same number #4. If not through medical school, we probably would have met each other in a stadium at some point instead! 

One day during summer vacation, my mother handed me her old pathology book and said “this summer, be productive, choose just one organ, one that interests you the most and try learn as much as you can about it.”  It was at this time, as a 14-year-old, that I chose to study, to learn and to love the heart and the cardiovascular system. 

However, It wasn’t until a few years later when my grandmother experienced a stroke, that I realized how truly powerful that book was.  In witnessing the efforts of the doctors involved in saving her life as she hung by a thread, I recognized the weight of beholding knowledge that can be used to save lives.   

To my @dr.livv: We have a love that is beyond this generation, one that many believe to be inexistent, or at the very least endangered. I am fortunate to have discovered a rarity, a flawless diamond in an assemblage of gems. I am beyond blessed that I have the main piece to my puzzle. I am honoured that you are the adhesion that has taken this conglomeration called my life and produced a seamless composition of resounding bliss and love for which I am beyond appreciative😍.

“We are the manifestation of our aspirations. The procurement of our success is subject to the magnitude of dedication to our ambitions.”