My name is Connor Sebastian (also known as “connor_s3bastian” via Instagram). 

I am a second-year nursing student.


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Typical. Alexandra with her scrubs pressed and ironed, me, not so much. Last year of nursing school for us both starts now! I got an externship at UCSD this summer and Alexandra got a 4.0 and beat me in every exam last semester. We may be a little competitive at times but nothing makes us more happy then to help those in need. @life_threads


@allheartscrubs supports our "Save A Life" campaign @csusmsna. Teaching people "hands only" CPR in less than 2 minutes with Max the German Shepherd. You could save a life🏥 #Allheartsquad


When I was 16 years old I got my moms hand-me-down 98’ Volvo station wagon and I had to find a job to pay for gas. So I got a job as a lifeguard at a water-park in my hometown. From 16 to 19 years old I had various jobs life-guarding and worked my way up to a supervisors position where I was in charge of responding to water park emergencies (like a rapid response team).

One day we had a guest collapse, my fellow supervisors and I responded to the situation and rescued the guest after 2 cycles of CPR with 2 defibrillation's. Once we were able to get her breathing we rushed her on a backboard threw the crowd that had gathered around us. As we were running to the ambulance I noticed that everyone around us was clapping and cheering knowing that we had just saved a life.

“After that experience, I knew what I wanted to do, I wanted to feel important to people, because that what I felt on that day at the water-park.”

From high school delinquent to CSUSM Nursing Fundraising Director 🏥. Look mom, look!

An interesting fact about me?

I love Siberian Huskies. Currently, there is a husky sleeping on my feet as I write this bio. Seriously, the only thing in the world that I love more than huskies is my girlfriend Alexandra Millsap who is in nursing school with me. But even then… its a toss up.

Just kidding Alexandra, I love you more…..