My name is Amanda (also known as “coffeeandscrubs” via Instagram). 

I am a third year osteopathic medical student.


GET THE LOOK: Med student Amanda is rocking her new Core Scrubs by @maevnuniforms in ceil.


When packing for fourth year away rotations, I realized I really could only keep a couple of essential items in my suitcases, which included narrowing down some of my favorite scrubs. Hands down, one of the best quality scrubs I own and have in my suitcase are from @medelita_gram and they recently upped their scrub game with their new Element line.

Honestly, having tried many scrub brands, this Element line is one of my favorites (because I feel stylish in it and they're not too long for my 5'3" height). Definitely check them out if you're looking for high quality scrubs! 

“Since day one of medical school, I loved having the opportunity to talk to medical school applicants and mentoring those with medical school aspirations. I also realized halfway through my first year that mental health was incredibly important to me, which sparked my interest in pursuing hobbies like photography again. I combined both my love of photography and mentoring into the Instagram, @CoffeeandScrubs, and it has inspired me to be the best I can be while inspiring others too.”


Last exam (COMLEX Level 2 PE) of med school is dunzo! Honestly couldn't have ended it out better than with my bffs. ❤ On to auditions!


Finally time to trade in the professional clothes for some comfy scrubs as I start emergency med tomorrow! As each rotation passes, I've come to the conclusion that I love acute stuff and I'm SO excited for this. I'll get back to you guys in 4 weeks to see if this is still true 😂 I wore nothing but @allheartscrubs my first 2 years of school so I'm excited to wear these new Grace ones tomorrow! Also I learned the hospital is starting a whole new EHR tomorrow so maybe my trusty whitecoatclipboard will come in handy for paper notes 😁💃


Fun fact: I once tore my ACL during a Tough Mudder race (falling off an 8ft wall) on the 3rd mile, didn't realize I tore it and finished the rest of the 8 miles. I probably shouldn't have done that. :D

When your day doesn't turn out like you hoped it would, sometimes you just have to call some friends, talk it out a little, and be thankful for the good things (including you wonderful people). ❤

Also a thank you to @medcouture for this #flashbackOOTD and for making active scrub tops that feel better than my actual workout clothes. 👏

“Medicine is a challenge in many aspects and that’s what attracts me to pursue it day in and day out.”

Medicine is a challenge in many aspects and that's what attracts me to pursue it day in and day out. To constantly find and learn new things that excites the inner (outer?) nerd in me! 

So someone asked me what I was doing this weekend and I think I'm finally confident in telling people I am going to just chill by myself. And even if that's considered boring, I actually do enjoy having the entire day to myself! I fully embrace my Myers-Briggs INFJ personality.

So today, I decided to get myself some coffee, study for a couple of hours, workout, Netflix binge, and try my hand at a new DIY origami canvas project. Happy Saturday!