Introducing #allheartSquad: @alexx_xox

My name is Alex Falco (also known as “alexx_xox” via Instagram). 

I am a student nurse in Las Vegas. My goal as a nurse is to become a nurse practitioner practicing in emergency medicine. 


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My first IV on a mannequin!! How many of you guys remember your first IV? This is by far my favorite skill to perform as a nurse apprentice. I absolutely love hard sticks and the challenge of getting a "hard stick." Working with kiddos, A LOT of them tend to be hard sticks. First off, because they are wiggle worms, second off, they're normally dehydrated and their veins tend to blow when they're so tiny and dehydrated and lastly, they're tiny humans, so everything is a lot smaller on them and it's definitely a learning curve when it comes to sticking a pediatric patient. What is your favorite skill? Drop the answers below and tell me about your first time, was it a hit or miss?? 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 👀 peep that rock tho 💎💍

“The future may or may not come, appreciate today, ask the questions you’re unsure of, learn everyday, look for opportunities to grow as a student nurse ALWAYS and never forget- you’re human, you’re not going to know everything and that’s perfectly okay.”

Nursing problems 💍😘💍

“Wake up every morning ready to take on your goals and dreams because the time will pass anyways, make it worthwhile.”

Thank you God for surrounding me with some of the best looking guys around. Xo 💗 #QueenOfTheCastle#BoyMom

“Dreams aren’t made over night, they’re made by sleepless nights, early mornings, coffee runs at midnight, endless studying, and lots of hard work. If you have a goal or dream, don’t just sit there and think about it, wake up and be about it. Dreams don’t work unless you do, so get up each day ready to put in work.”

One year ago today I underwent a complete thyroidectomy, radical neck dissection and reconstruction on my recurrent laryngeal nerve. Isn't that a mouthful?

I am so grateful to be cancer free and not suffer from "as many" thyroid issues. I went almost a year feeling like crap before a doctor actually listened to me and ordered the necessary tests to find my cancer. Don't ever let medical professionals discredit how you feel due to your age. I had multiple doctors tell me I was too young and that all I had was anxiety.

You know your body better than anyone else, don't forget that! So here's a post for awareness: if you feel like crap- go get checked! And don't forget to always #CheckYourNeck because thyroid cancer is on the rise, so always add your TSH, T3 & T4 levels into your yearly blood work and if you notice your neck is slightly enlarged, go to your primary care physician and ask them to order an ultrasound. Be smart about your health, we only get one body- take care of it.  

If I could just sleep in #GraceScrubs by @allheartscrubs all day, I would be one happy camper. These are by far the most comfortable scrubs, with HUGE pockets that are perfect for storing all your nursing gadgets!

“For almost a decade I have spent my life making women feel beautiful and proud to be in their skin. Being able to be a hairstylist/ makeup artist and see women light up after a service has always pushed me to further succeed in the beauty industry. My goals are to integrate both healthcare and aesthetics to help inspire others around the globe to save lives and feel beautiful while doing it. XoX”

“Sometimes we have to step back and appreciate living in the moment, and fully take in the opportunity we have to learn from other seasoned nurses.”