My name is Aleah Chang (also known as “medicineinmichigan” via Instagram). 

I am a fourth-year allopathic medical student. I  am currently pursuing a career in family medicine. 

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In just a few short hours the M4s will know where they will start the next chapter of their training!! 🎉 I can't wait to be in the same position in one short year! Congratulations to all you *almost* doctors, you all inspire me everyday! Especially my fellow #ouwbcolleagues. #matchday2017

“Family medicine doctors are truly the “rock” of the medical community. They serve as the gateway for many community members and have the opportunity to impact their patients from the ground up. They aren’t “just doctors.” They can be thought of as therapists, social workers, healers, friends, and family in so many instances.”


First rotation of fourth year in the books. ✔️ Now it's time to buckle down and study for my board exams! 🤓 I'd love some positive vibes from y'all this month. If anyone is studying for a big test, comment below! #backtothegrind

“Mental health is so incredibly important for our patients, but also for ourselves. As a future doctor I’ve often hid my intense anxiety in fear of being judged. Over time, and especially on this rotation, I’ve realized that I connect better with my patients because of my mental health struggles. What’s gotten me through? Asking the right people for help and surrounding myself with an amazing support system. I’ve realized that we all need to speak up and help create an environment in which no one is afraid to seek help or get support from others.”

Got to scrub into a myomectomy today aka removing fibroids! Scroll to the next photo for examples of fibroids (from webmd). Our patient had four fibroids removed, the largest one was about the size of an apple! 😱 So cool to see, but painful for our patient! 


451AM this chick delivered her first baby!! 👶🏻 My first day on clinical of OBGYN and my night shift proved to be worth the under eye circles! The momma did an awesome job laboring for 2 hours and delivering a healthy baby boy. 😍

“Being in medicine is such a roller coaster with many ups and downs — you will be with people during the absolute worst and best moments of their lives. Even though being in medicine can be utterly exhausting and depressing sometimes, I believe it’s one of the only professions that allows you to give everyone what they want— which is just a little more time in this beautiful world.”

My support system. My biggest cheerleader. Thanks, B! Just a preview of my amazing engagement photos. Thank-you @dizzylakephoto!