My name is Karla Nicole (also known as “karlaaaxoxo” via Instagram). 

I am currently finishing my biochemistry degree while working as a research assistant in clinical neurosurgery focused on traumatic brain injuries. My goal is to become a physician.

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My grind came from seeing my mother struggle (proud daughter of immigrants!) 🇭🇳 -- You HAVE TO bring out the inner #warrior#survivor#champion in you!! Shoot to be #Great not just "good." Give it ALL you got, tunnel vision, distractions OFF. Become better than you were expected to be! AGAINST ALL ODDS. Give it that EXTRA push, try HARDER, wake up EARLIER, there's no room for laziness DO MORE complain LESS, you have to go that extra mile! Cry, scream, get frustrated but DONT QUIT. You WILL feel drained, tired, and often times you will feel like you have much more to go, but you have to KEEP MOVING FORWARD. No excuses!! BECOME BETTER each day. Make dreams a REALITY." 🏥✨❤️🔥


....For those who follow me and genially want to know about what stage in my journey I am in. Where I wish to go , and what I have overcome. I owe you this post. My name is Karla :) , I started this page to build a platform for those whom are in my same journey whether you're a premedical student, medical or resident , minority, underdog, From all cultural backgrounds. I am currently finishing my biochemistry degree (which includes the pre-requisites for medical school) with additional courses for the degree itself. While working as a research assistant in clinical neurosurgery focused on traumatic brain injuries (Hence, my coat). The ultimate goal is becoming a physician & I am passionate about bringing light to students like me to never give up on their dreams despite the odds stacked against them . Along this journey I needed to share my testimony with those whom can relate or feel hopeless or have been placed stereotypes on them...

“God has bigger plans for us than what we ever imagine. Trust in Him. Plans that knows #no limits, plans where #everything is #POSSIBLE no matter where you come from or the environment you were born into! HIS PLANS ARE BIGGER. I’m a testimony of it. A young latina (waving my Hondurian flag high)first generation in my family to pursue a career in medicine & science who works hard EVERY SINGLE DAY , where it’s #EARNED not given.”


My mum always told me, no matter what happens in life you fall down and get back up. EVERY TIME you WILL brush yourself off and TRY AGAIN. You will NOT allow failure get to your heart. You're capable of achieving ALL you want in this life aim to become better. Mummy coming to a country without speaking English, stood tall like a solider through all the obstacles she faced going against all odds. Today I stand for you mum, for all your sacrifices, for all you went through, for those who saw you as less because you were with me by your side at a young age, for those who never believed, only the strong survive and you are a prime example of a #Phenomenal/Courageous woman. You have instilled in me the characteristics of being hardworking, good hearted, and a warrior of life but above all to be #humble. Where impossible is nothing if you are willing to put the effort into what you love. It won't be easy, you will have to sacrifice a lot but if it's what you love it will be worth it. What you manifest with love will abundantly grow. I hope you do things in your life that set your soul on fire, that give you purpose, things you're passionate about, that you #love and #care for. Aim to become #better each day and #impactothers. Stand #Tall Solider! You have a world to conquer! -K 🌹

“...May you never forget the bigger picture of potentially being able to help another human being. It’s the children the world almost breaks who grow up to save it.”

Here's my thing no matter what environment you were born into , no matter how many times you have fallen down YOU determine your future & you need to realize EVERY DAY IS A NEW DAY FULL OF OPPORTUNITIES. So get up, dust yourself off it's time to get #better, to #grind , to make your dreams a reality. Nothing is given it's #EARNED.

Everybody has a dream but not everybody wants to sacrifice for it , not everyone wants to work hard for it, not everyone wants to get it done! Do NOT allow yourself to be that person. Strive to be top 1%, strive to be the best version of yourself. no days off!! When you feel like given up, when you're on the verge where you can't anymore , that's when you give it your LAST PUSH. Not for anyone else but for YOU. Remember you didn't come this far to just come this far! FINISH STRONGER THAN WHEN YOU STARTED. So here's to the last exams, let's give it our last push the GREATEST push!! Go ALL in! Give it ALL you got🔥🔥🔥🔥 LETS GET IT, BEAST MODE: ON. Lord just let us be GREAT! -K 🌹


...I sat in a meeting where I was the only Hispanic minority woman there without a line full of doctors in my family or any guidance. I felt out of place but I didn't let that stop me. I wanted to make a difference because you can never assume you're the only one feeling some type of way!

It was deeply rooted in my heart that sharing and listening to your stories we can potentially build a successful community of those who have been underestimated and seen as less because of your culture or color.

We're all in this together and my if my tips can potentially help anyone to reach a goal then it's all worth taking the criticism I've received from some followers. Where I can speak on shadowing experience, research publications, importance of mentors, grades, studying tips , volunteer work, and personal life struggles as I take every different step it takes in this career & bring awareness on how important it is to be positive and grateful for all things in life big or small and that we're no better than anyone else. Cheers to this beautiful journey!

I am just a rose who flourished from concrete. A young Latina chasing her dreams despite the odds stacked against her, investing many years into what I am passionate about & what truly makes me whole. My story isn't like most but some who have been in my shoes can relate && that's why I share. I am a by product of two parents who immigrated from Hondura who work hard everyday though rain and sunshine.


The bun is out!! 😎🔥🏥 You know what that means =PUT IN WORK! 👩🏽‍🔬

“Truth is, you never fully have it all “figured out” & most of the time things will not go exactly as planned. Every time you take a new step in life, you have to find ways to do the best you can and be great at the tasks given. The hardest part of the process in this thing we call life is trusting your journey. Trusting the small steps, trusting your abilities, your potential, trusting there’s a finish line, trusting you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.”


May you never forget the bigger picture of potentially being able to help another human being. It's the children the world almost breaks who grow up to save it.