Dr. Majestic (Cassie Majestic), MD

Emergency medicine physician and overall boss lady Cassie Majestic, MD has taken to social media to educate and engage with the community of aspiring healthcare professionals. Based in Orange County, California, Dr. Majestic celebrates a love for healthy living, interior design, and adventure.

Merely Cash, (Nagano), RN

Wife, mother, and total fashionista—Cashmere Nagano is a registered nurse and family woman with style. The So-Cal native re-energizes after a long shift by going to Disneyland with her two children. 

Shanny Do (Shannon Tosounian), RP

Second-year resident physician Shannon is a passionate advocate for self-care and lifestyle modification. She spends her time off-duty doing yoga and cooking nutritious dishes, transforming her philosophies regarding wellness and nutrition into action. 

Nurse Nacole (Riccaboni), ICU

Nacole Riccaboni is a Florida-based ICU nurse, DNP student, and supermom. She shares her trademark candor and humor on her popular YouTube channel and quirky Etsy shop, offering inspiration and guidance to current and aspiring nurses around the world.